Italian ingredients

What are the ingredients that make our dishes so tasty and famous? how do we combine the ingredients to make so irresistible what we cook? what's the history behind every renowned recipe? for example, Alfredo sauce is really Italian?

olive oil on a background

Healthy eating

Italian cuisine is varied from north to south but among the many recipes, well known all over the world, it has a great treasure: Mediterranean diet. Ancel Keys was used to say: eat well and stay well. We teach you how to choose the right dishes.

pasta dough how-to


How to make pasta dough, ravioli, cannelloni, gnocchi, risotto ...
How to clean fish, shellfish and crustaceans.
Simple tutorials with a lot of photos.

cream puffs

Basic preparations

The image shows you exactly what's the topic of this directory: doses and ingredients for making pasta dough and sauce, dough for bignè (cream puffs), pastry cream, sponge cake ...