decoupage equipment

Decoupage technique

This technique can be very simple or more elaborate and therefore requires very different stuffs. Just cut recovery images to learn, but when you become experienced you can create everything you want.

details of a work made with iron wire and wool

Technique of iron wire

All you need is iron wire and hairy wool to wrap around it. This is a method that you find very often in our decorations for all times of the year. Not suitable for small children.

gladioli and calla lilies ready for a flower arrangement

The flowers

To arrange the flowers in a vase or bowl is an art and a passion. We show you some simple arrangements that you can do at home without any problem.

stuff for new handmade scarf


In this section you'll find tutorials for many types of decorations for your home, school and other places. Including games for the kids. We begin with the Christmas tree.