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Cleaning artichokes

How to clean, trim and prepare artichokes for cooking

People who do not know these typical Mediterranean vegetables think they are difficult to prepare and cook. This is not the truth! Besides they are very popular in Italian cooking and so it's important to learn how to choose, clean and cook them.
Here are step-by-step instructions to prepare them cut into slices.
In this page you can learn how to choose, preserve them and a lot of authentic Italian recipes.


Wear gloves before you start cleaning your artichokes otherwise you will find your hands blackened and difficult to clean.

Prepare all that you need: artichokes, a knife and acidulated water in a bowl.

Snap off the stalk close to the base.

In Italy we try to discard as little as possible and so we use even the inner part of the stalk as you can see in the photo. The inner part is white, tender and tasty!

Deprive every artichoke from the rough outer petals (bracts). You can help yourself with a kinfe. Continue removing the outer petals until you find more tender ones. You can recognize more tender leaves easily looking at the different color. At last cut off the pointed top as you can see in the photo.

Now you can quarter every artichoke or cut it into smaller slices according to their size. If there are inner "hairs" (we Italians call them barba), you can remove them.

Here you can see how to remove inner hairs.
Your artichoke slices are ready to be sauted, battered and fried, used to make pasta or rice sauce or eaten raw (they are very tasty!).

Remember to dip your artichoke slices in acidulated water immediately to avoid their blackening
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