Cooking Italian cooking tutorials

Italian cooking tutorials

Do you prefer to follow a recipe full of photos or a video to understand various methods and techniques? I always look gladly videos but then I need to have near me, on the table, the classic paper with pictures on which maybe I have written some notes. I do not use the tablet as I see someone do, because I might get dirty easily ... or better still ... certainly ;)

cannelloni just baked
Italian Cannelloni with pea and olive sauce

Our tutorials to learn Italian cooking



Difficult to clean artichokes? It is not true. Take a look at the photos my husband took when I was preparing them. It is much easier that you may think.



Cannelloni dish is an authentic Italian recipe that is not difficult to do as you could think. You can make it with dried pasta or sheets of egg pasta, the same you use for lasagna. Follow my directions for a perfect pasta dish!


how to remove meat from lobster shell leaving shell intact

Cleaning lobster may seem difficult but with a little experience you can not only extract all the meat but also leave the dorsal part of the shell intact to garnish your dishes. What do you say about?



Making ravioli is an authentic fresh stuffed pasta recipe that in Italy we make very often. My husband and I prepared this short tutorial  with photos to show you how easy it is to make ravioli at home. We chose a simple filling typical of autumn and winter (broccoli and ricotta cheese) but the method is applicable to any recipe.

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