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Cleaning lobster

Tutorial to learn how to clean cooked lobster leaving whole its dorsal exoskeleton

Do you want a scenic preparation of your lobster linguine dish? On this page we teach you how to clean the lobster removing its meat but leaving its dorsal shell unbroken. Your guests will like it a lot mainly because they will not be forced to get their hands dirty. The lobster is delicious but not always appreciated just because annoying to eat.

Lobster linguini decorated with unbroken shell
Lobster linguini

Follow our instructions carefully and do some tests. At the end you will see that this technique is not difficult. You should print this page, place it in a clear plastic bag and leave it near your eyes!

Put your lobster on a cutting board, ventral side facing up, and carve the shell near the tail with scissors. Continue cutting along the length of the tail and body.

Enlarge slightly your cut and insert the tip of your scissors under the flesh of the tail.

Remove the meat from the tail, using the scissors as leverage, and set aside.

Look into lobster shell to ensure there are not left traces of meat. You should recover any internal fluid, to be added later to pasta sauce.

Take care now of lobster head and collect the inside with a spoon. Put it in a bowl along with the rest, any liquid included.

Now, you have to take care of lobster legs. Help yourselves with a toothpick and remove any small frustules of lobster meat without detaching its legs. The operation is rather delicate.

Now, carve lobster claws, always ventrally.

Remove pieces of shell from the claws so as to extract the meat possibly in one piece. Put it aside.

Do the same operations with all the joints of lobster claws. They too contain meat.

Here is the final result. The shell upside down is intact, the cuts are in the ventral part. Next to the shell, you can see the pieces of meat extracts from the tail, claws and their joints. In the bowl there are the smaller fragments and the internal liquid.

And now, here is my pasta recipe! Linguine pasta is dressed with lobster and tomato sauce and topped with lobster shell.

A final recommendation. Lobster is almost always frozen precooked and so its meat must be only heated and never cooked again because it may become chewy. More details on the page linked above.
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